Creative Ways to Learn Patience

English politician George Savile once wrote, "A man who is a master of patience is master of everything else." Whether you struggle to remain calm when stuck in traffic or often become agitated when business meeting run late, take a few moments to consider these day–to–day creative ways to increase your capacity for patience.

Eat Slowly — Not only have studies shown that people who eat slowly consume fewer calories overall than those who rush to clean their plates, they've also found that impatient people are more likely to be overweight. Practice chewing your food slowly at every meal, and you may find you feel more patience in other situations as well.

Laugh About It — If you often lose patience with other people, learning to laugh about it can help. The next time you encounter someone you find obnoxious or annoying, find some humor in the situation. Have a good internal laugh immediately and a great guffaw out loud later on.

Find a Distraction — Traffic jams and airline delays can try anyone's patience. However, finding a distraction almost always makes it easier to calm your irritation. Listen to some music, read a book or catch up on email. If you're in a location where it won't annoy the people around you, you could even call up a friend.

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