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Thought of the Month
"I find money some way or other goes very fast. But I think I can reflect it has been spent with satisfaction and to my own honour."
- John Hancock

How much can home staging boost your sale price?

It makes sense that staging a listing to make a home more appealing might influence a buyer's decision. But, that's just a vague idea until you put a dollar value on it... more

Home Improvement Projects Perfect for Beginners

Some home projects can be a little too ambitious, especially for those who do not have much experience in remodeling. Fortunately, there are simple projects for beginners that can help your house feel more like home... more

These overlooked costs could crimp your retirement

You may have a retirement savings goal in mind that includes basic living expenses, travel, and any major purchases you plan to make. If so, you're ahead of the game. About 46% of Americans are just guessing at how much they need, according to a recent Transamerica survey. But your retirement plan still may not be complete if you've forgotten about the following five costs... more

Best Foods for Your Heart

Keeping your heart healthy is about more than avoiding fast food and overly processed chow. You can also pump up your heart's health by choosing foods that will help reduce cholesterol, lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation... more

Plan a Family-Friendly Road Trip

If you believe the journey is the best part of any vacation, you'll make a great road tripper—and you won't be alone. According to AAA, 90 percent of summer holiday travelers took trips by car. Bringing the kids along doesn't have to mean tantrums and endless repetition of "are we there yet?" either. Consider these tips to keep your trek family friendly.... more

The Best Exercises for Achy Joints

While it might be the last thing you feel like doing when your back or knees are bothering you, staying active is one of the top ways experts recommend to beat back age-related aches and pains, particularly around major joints such as your back, knees, hips and shoulders... more

Fukushima turns to robots to fix the future

The radiation levels inside the reactors at Fukushima are far too high for any human to stay there for more than a few minutes. Even an hour inside one of the reactors would mean certain death.
A natural solution was to operate automated machines in these extreme places humans cannot go... more

Easy Homemade Strawberry Shortcake

Easy strawberry shortcake, made from scratch... more

This newsletter is compliments of:

Glenn Gordon
Mortgage Advisor, NMLS ID# 265944 / NMLS #306600